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Model G-ANEZ is the real deal

We had to do a double take when we glanced at the first of these photos of G-ANEZ in flight.

a small red remote control model biplane flying with a blue sky behind it

John Warder is the custodian of this incredible 72" wingspan scale model of our Annie. John is a member of The Hornets Model Flying Club who fly at Bembridge Airport, Isle of Wight.


The model was constructed from a kit by the late John Mee in the mid-nineties. Using photos of Annie when she was kept and flown at Sandown Airport, John crafted this very detailed version.

When John Mee retired, he left his unflown models including G-ANEZ to the club’s chairman on the basis they were to be flown and film made for him. John Warder had the job of flying and reported that G-ANEZ was a handful; 2.5 lbs of lead ballast had been added in the nose to correct the centre of gravity.

A man kneeling while he works on the top wing of a model red biplane in a field
John Warder gets G-ANEZ ready for flying

As the new custodian, John reduced the weight as much as possible and moved the radio gear and batteries as far forward as possible. He also fitted a different engine which increased the flight duration.

We absolutely love this fantastic model of G-ANEZ and we really hope we can arrange at meet-up with mini- and life-size Annie!

Thanks to John Warder for sharing his photos and story with us.

If you'd like to fly in the life-size version of Annie, buy your voucher online.

A red model biplane sitting on the grass
red model biplane flying with blue sky and wispy clouds behind it

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