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Tiger Moth flight experience Christmas gift: #betterthansocks

If you're on the hunt for a truly unforgettable Christmas gift, look no further. Vouchers for a flight experience in our stunning Tiger Moths will get you some serious brownie points this year (and possibly into next year too).

While classic gifts like socks and perfume have their charm, gifting an adventure so unique will create memories that last a lifetime.

Two adverts for Christmas gift vouchers. One is white with green and red stars. The other has Christmas gifts on a wooden floor.

We know we’re biased but here’s a few reasons why a Tiger Moth flight with us makes the perfect gift:

Nostalgic charm: The Tiger Moth harks back to the golden age of aviation. The open cockpit design, wooden frame, and distinctive design will transport your loved one to a bygone era.

A brown and blue Tiger Moth plane on the grass in front of a red and silver Tiger Moth biplane.

Adrenaline rush: For thrill-seekers and aviation enthusiasts alike, a Tiger Moth flight is an adrenaline rush like no other. They'll get to feel the wind in their hair and the buzz of takeoff.

Stunning views: The open cockpit of the Tiger Moth provides unparalleled views of Northumberland. The flight offers breathtaking vistas that few other experiences can match.

Pilot for a day: Unleash your inner Biggles. Imagine being a daring pilot on a crucial mission. We provide the flight jacket, hat and goggles so you can pose for photos with family and selfies.

Memories to cherish: While other gifts end up at the back of a cupboard, memories of a Tiger Moth flight will remain in your loved one’s mind forever. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Beautiful clear sea and sand seen through the struts on the wing of a biplane.

Best gift ever: A Tiger Moth flight experience with us is definitely better than socks.

You can give a solo experience for a single passenger in either Gemsy or Annie. Or splash out with a formation flight for two passengers so you AND a loved one can experience the thrill of open cockpit flying in Gemsy AND Annie.

It's an experience that will leave your loved ones soaring with joy. So, take flight and make this holiday season one to remember!

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