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Chipmunk 60 minute individual flight experience

Chipmunk 60 minute individual flight experience

Many air cadets and pilots received their first taste of flight in 'the Chippie'. Relive their excitement as you get a taste of vintage flying during your 60 minute flight experience.


After your safety briefing you'll don your flight suit before heading out to the aircraft for final preparations.


Once you're strapped in to the back seat of our beautiful silver aircraft, your experienced pilot will taxi to the runway, take off and you'll experience all the sensations of flying in a classic.


All flight experiences are subject to flying conditions and may be rescheduled.


    All passengers must be over 14 years old.

    Maximum weight is 18 stone.

    There are no height restrictions.

    All passengers must sign a declaration before flying.

    Please see Pre-Flight Information for further details on flying

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