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G-ANEZ's Story

G-ANEZ, or Annie as we like to call her,  was the second Tiger Moth to join the Tiger Flights family.

G-ANEZ, a red plane owned by Tigher Flights

2023, Eshott Airfield. Credit Nigel Harrison

A black and white photo of biplane G-ANEZ sitting on grass.

1961, White Waltham. Credit Peter Fitzmaurice

G-ANEZ's cockpit

2023, Eshott Airfield. Credit Nigel Harrison

A view of a red biplane taken from the bottom of it's 2 wings looking towards the cockpit

2023, Eshott Airfield. Credit Nigel Harrison

a red and silver biplane and a brown and blue biplane seen from above as they sit on the ground. Two people are in between the planes walking away from them.

2023, Eshott Airfield. Credit Owen Humphreys

A black and white photo of biplane G-ANEZ taken in 1957, sitting onthe grass in front of buildings and hangars.

27/07/1957, White Waltham. Credit Robin A Walker

the de havilland logo, in black and gold on a red background

The early days

Annie started life as T7849 in 1941. She was built by Morris Motors Ltd and first taken on charge into RAF service that year nominally at 15 Maintenance Unit (MU) Wroughton. In August 1941 she was rigged and posted to 20 Elementary Flight Training School (EFTS) at Yeadon, where she would serve until 1942 training aircrew. She then made the move to Desford to serve with 7 EFTS where she remained for the rest of the war, concluding her distinguished service.

Post World War II

Alongside Gemsy, Annie was sent to 9 Maintenance Unit for demobilization in 1946. She was then sold in 1953 to the Fairey Aviation Company (Fairey Flying Club) at White Waltham in Middlesex and given the civil registration G-ANEZ. Since 1945, White Waltham was Fairey's own airfield for flight testing and housed their technical offices, the flying club included four Tiger Moths.

At Fairey, Annie was fitted with leading edge slats and remained in Fairey service till 1964. The late 1950s and early 1960s saw the forced merger of many British Aerospace companies, as a result Annie operated for a time under Westland Aircraft's Fairey Aviation Division after they acquired Fairey. In 1964, Annie then moved to Sandown, Isle of Wight with the Isle of Wight Gliding Club as a glider tug.

Private Ownership

Annie then passed into private ownership. She has been privately owned since 1972. She was in the care of one particular owner (along with others over time) from 1983 to 2021.


Following an extensive restoration, Annie joined the Tiger Flights family in August 2023 as the second aircraft to join the growing fleet. 

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